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Getting Young Children and Their Families Ready for School and Ready for Life

Children who receive an early childhood education are more likely to succeed in school. That’s why Head Start gives kids, ages three to five, the learning and social skills they need to be ready to start school.

Head Start kids get ready for school in many ways, including:

·         Doing activities that help prepare them to learn, connect with other kids, understand their feelings, 

         and control their behavior

·         Learning to read and understand numbers

·         Practicing being a good citizen, playing fair, and accepting others

·         Building physical development through safe play indoors and out

·         Taking part in planning daily activities

·         Establishing healthy eating habits and personal hygiene routines

·         Discovering that learning is fun!

We offer many ways to meet your child’s needs and your family’s schedule. All agencies provide half-day sessions, while some offer full-day, year-round programs. Some services are offered in a classroom, while others may be offered in your home. Or, you may also be able to choose a combination of classroom and home-based services. Call us today to talk about which program is right for your family.

Education and more

In addition to teaching kids in the classroom, Head Start offers support and services for everyone in your family. The Head Start staff and teachers are specially trained to help provide our families with the support they need most, including making healthy food choices and ensuring every child is receiving regular medical and dental care. We also help coordinate additional services for children and families, including nutrition, services for children with special needs, and mental health services.

Head Start offers support and services inside and outside of the classroom to help your child succeed in school:

Family Services – Our staff works with you to create family goals and make a plan to meet those goals. We also help you find more resources in your community.

Health Services – Medical and dental health is vital to your child’s success. We’ll work with you to make sure your child receives regular medical and dental check-ups and connect you to free or affordable resources. We make getting the care your child needs a priority.

Nutrition – Healthy eating fuels growing minds and bodies. We provide healthy meals and snacks and evaluate each student’s nutritional needs. We also work with our children and families to encourage healthy choices and provide resources for home.

Special Needs – We work with every child to understand their unique needs. Children of all abilities are welcomed, supported, and included in all activities in the classroom or home. Our staff also helps connect your family to additional resources that can best support your child.

We serve the following Counties in South Central Kentucky
Adair - Casey - Clinton - Cumberland - Green - McCreary - Pulaski - Russell - Taylor - Wayne